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About IHHP

Founded in 2004 as a minority owned firm with MBE and 8(a) certification, the Institute of Health and Human Performance (IHHP) is a non-patient based preventive health care organization.

IHHP provides companies with a diverse spectrum of proprietary injury prevention and cost containment services that reduce OSHA recordable injuries and accidents. Proud of its strong client focus, long-term client relationships and world class service, IHHP helps companies exceed human well being  safety and environmental standards.

As a unique non-patient driven preventive health care organization, IHHP has developed leading edge programs and proven strategies that yield profitable results for their clients.

Results That Count

“We realized a 25% decrease in frequency and 18% decrease in severity of staff injuries due to our participation in IHHP’s Employee Injury Prevention program.”

Chief Operating Officer
- National Non-for-Profit Working with Challenged Children

“With the soaring costs of healthcare, as well as health and workers’ compensation insurance, IHHP’s training has already begun to show how their program can limit our exposure to…expenditures associated with employee injuries while helping us foster a culture of employee health and wellness. ”

Corporate Safety Manager
Worldwide Manufacturer and Distributor of Soft Drinks

Career Opportunities


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